Collaborate with your teammates, with context

Create rich profile experiences and collaborate with your teammates around common interests with team directory.

Super charge your workspace with slack

Magik brings everything you need to do your best work, natively to Slack.

Know who you're working with.

When teammates share a deeper understanding about each other, they build trust and work faster together. Team directory helps teammates get up to speed about who’s on the other end of their working relationships.

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The right context, right within reach

Rich, searchable profile information  where People can easily discover the teammates they need to collaborate with—without switching tools or leaving Slack.

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More Use cases

Resource Library
Save your valuable threads on a library and identify the topics that your team want to hear about. No more lost conversations.
Bring fun social games right into your workspace. Take a quick 5 min break, lounge around, and unwind with your team.
Digital HQ
Magic is the Digital HQ for your most important company communications that integrates with tools you already use.
Magic integrates with the tools you already use, bringing all your work together.